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Any aspiring fashionista knows that clothing can be your statement to the world around you. The colors, patterns, materials, and designs you choose to wear can speak volumes before you utter a word to a new friend, a date, or a potential employer. That’s why ladies in the Downtown Pontiac and surrounding, area, love shopping at E&K boutique. Our trendy sophisticated boutique strives to offer fabulous women of all shapes and sizes the perfect pieces to express individuality and the styles they love. Local women also love shopping at this boutique to seek fashion advice.

Here are three women clothing styles and what these trends can say about you:

Flash & Sparkle:

Do you swoon over bold necklaces, sequin miniskirts, and metallic heels? If so, odds are you’re a flash and sparkle kind of girl. You love turning heads and showing off your confident, one-of-a-kind personality through flashy accessories. With a look that’s all about bright patterns and a little bit of glitter, you’ll tell any room you’re outgoing, fun, and ready for a laugh right off the bat.

Laid-Back Flow:

With your busy lifestyle, you don’t have time to scan your closet each morning for the perfect ensemble. Instead, you’re selective about what women’s clothing you buy, and, in turn, you can mix and match your pieces with ease. A lady who loves laid-back women’s clothing will gravitate to flowing tops, soft dresses, and quality booties that go with everything. As you enter a room, you look effortlessly cool, like you don’t take yourself too seriously.


When you’re a true trendsetter, friends and family are constantly asking, “Where did you get that?” If this is a regular occurrence, you’re a true trendsetter. You’re not afraid to rock vintage jackets, old-school sneakers, or the latest crop top. As a trendsetter, you’re confident, unique, and ahead of the curve, while constantly searching for the next big thing.

If you live in the Downtown Pontiac or surrounding areas and looking for a women’s clothing boutique, known for our ultimate shopping experience and unique collection of apparel, stop by or give us a call today to speak with a member of our EK style team. For more information on women’s fashion trends and this boutique’s current inventory, check out this website.